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WAY UP is a unique Course series which gently guides young learners of English from beginner through to pre-intermediate level. Its innovative, practical approach focuses on providing students with a supportive framework in which they can develop confidence in their receptive and productive skills.
Every unit in this new course series is divided up into the following sections:
Reading: stimulating level-appropriate material, designed to elicit maximum student response in the key areas of comprehension and vocabulary.
Story: an entertaining adventure story in which students meet likeable
characters and follow them on their exciting adventures.
Speaking / Listening: here students are given a variety of speaking and listening activities which aid in the development of their oral and aural skills.
Writing: step-by-step skills and oral preparation exercises as well as model
writing tasks provide learners with a firm grounding in the early
stages of writing.
Everyday English: exposure to realistic situations enable students to use everyday English naturally and effectively.
One of the highlights of the WAY UP series is the Oral Practice and Oral Summary sections.
The techniques employed in these sections are designed to help students turn passive learning into active learning.
This course is consisted of 50 Lessons.

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