Multi-Lingua, with over 25 years in the field of foreign languages education, provides you with the education you are looking for for your child, yourself or your business.

Multi-Lingua provides you with the ideal lessons in small groups or individually, live or online (Zoom). Here you find the care you deserve to develop and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in foreign languages.

Multi-Lingua provides you with language programs specifically designed for all ages and levels with realistic and flexible schedules.

Multi-Lingua provides you with the special electronic learning platform Multi-Lingua E-platform, which you can use for your lessons, for your homework, to communicate with your classmates and teachers etc., having support at any time and from everywhere in the world.

Multi-Lingua provides you with all the materials (books / CDs / brochures etc.) of the program FREE after registration.

Multi-Lingua provides you with the most up-to-date teaching in collaboration with the best foreign language publishing houses.

Multi-Lingua provides you all the lessons exclusively from experienced instructors of foreign languages and linguistics, always using IWB interactive whiteboards.